“Smart Business: Innovation and Values” ​​was born with the aim of presenting new opportunities to the business community and public organizations so that they can develop competitive advantages and generate new business and institutional strategies that allow them to gain in terms of reputation, efficiency of resources, economic impact and social benefits.

It breaks with the intention of helping them achieve an attractive leadership position to satisfy increasingly demanding clients/citizens with the products and services they consume.

This goal will be achieved through inspirational speeches by specialists and researchers that will promote a new business culture. Through messages that will respond to the ideals demanded by the new customer profile. Through ideas and concepts that will help increase consumer confidence in brands.

Experts of national and international prestige from different sectors and nationalities will be part of this cycle of conferences to disseminate ideas, strategies, solutions, examples of success and tools that show the advantages that the staging of innovation and values ​​in the business and organizational field from a disruptive point of view.


Soren Schou

1st Webinar


January 20, 2021

Sustainability as a lever for innovation and commercial growth.

16h-17h. Soren Schou, Innovation Lead Acacia-Deloitte´s Sustanaible Innovation Hub, Copenhagen. He has been Chief Consultant to the Ministry of Industry, Business and Foreign Affairs of Denmark. 

17h-18h. Business Round Table: Sustainables Strategies for the growth of chemical and logistics sectors 

Mr Bruno De Bièvre, Chairman of UBE Corporation Europey and  Zschimmer & Schwarz España. Mr Pedro Hernández, General Director of Zschimmer & Schwarz Spain, Mr Vicente Ramos, General Director of  Raminatrans y Mr María José Rubio, Chief of Sustainabiliy Department in Castellón Port.   Moderator: Mr Enrique Vicedo, Partner-Manager of Co-enable Advisors.

María Esteban

2nd Webinar


March 4, 2021

Smart Materials, intersection between design and technology, for a sustainable industry

16h-17h. María Esteban, Self Assambly Lab Researcher, MIT, Boston, EE. UU.

17h-18h. Business Round Table: Advanced Materials. Why advanced? What comes first, the functión or the need?

Ms Teresa Burguillo, Sales Manager of Diab Group, Mr Javier Chiva, Technical Manager of Butech Building Technologies (Porcelanosa Group), Mr Vicente Lázaro, Head of the competitive Intelligence Unit of ITC -Ceramic Technology Institute- and Mr Ignasi Gómez, Manager of Railgrup.

Michail Bletsas

3rd Webinar


May 6, 2021

IoT: Things started to think

16h-17h. Michail Bletsas, Computing Director of The MediaLab at MIT, Boston, EE.UU.

17h-18h. Business Round Table.

Emma Fromberg

4th Webinar


June 17, 2021

Re-designing the world through the lens of a Circular Economy

16h-17h. Emma Fromberg, Member of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL). At CISL, she is the course director of the Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma in Sustainable Business.  She was part of the circular design team at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

17h-18h. Business Round Table.

Eduardo González

5th Webinar


September 20, 2021

Industry 4.0: CRISPR gene editing technologies for a sustainable agriculture and food 

16h-17h. Eduardo González, Markita Landry Lab Researcher at Berkeley University, California.

17h-18h. Business Round Table.


Adolfo Plasencia

6th Webinar


November 10, 2021

Artificial Intelligence, Business strategies and their sustainable applications

16h-17h. Adolfo Plasencia, former visitor lecturer at MIT and Harvard Universities. Scientific journalist and writer. Antonio J. Martín, CEO of BigML, Machine Learning, EE.UU. 

17h-18h. Business Round Table.





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